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Two Vital Components for Your At-Home Medicine Kit

Most of my clients want to know things they can do at home to help their pet. There are two items that I think everyone should keep at home in case of an emergency. The first is homeopathic Arnica Montana. This wonderful remedy is the first thing to give a dog or cat in the case of trauma. It is available over the counter in 30c potency. Arnica will dramatically reduce swelling and bruising and help with pain control. Simply drop 2 or 3 of the small pellets into the animal’s mouth until they either melt or are swallowed. For acute trauma it can be given every two hours or until the animal can get to the vet.

Calendula is marigold extract. It is available as a cream, ointment or gel over the counter. It has amazing healing capabilities when skin cuts or lacerations are present. It can also help wounds stop bleeding. Calendula will stimulate granulation and new cell growth to dramatically speed up wound healing. Calendula can be applied to wounds three to four times a day to dramatically speed wound healing.